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Automatic packaging system


  • significant degree of automation
  • for different types of products : 0,01 - 160 kg
  • constant packing speed
  • standardisation of packaging types
  • significant reduction in packaging costs
  • optimum product protection, even when packing different heights
  • no additional filling materials are required
  • very high packaging quality and professional appearance
  • very low energy consumption, as no heat processes are required
  • no machine set-up times
  • quiet operation
  • small machine dimensions
  • easy integration into existing lines
  • immediately ready for use

Tray-Tec® is a comprehensive solution. We carry out customer analysis, design trays, select the machine and supply the right quality packaging materials. We provide technical support and service.

Our system

The price of packaging is not just the price of the packaging material. Our solution reduces all costs associated with the packaging process. Our system saves money, time and space in your warehouse.


Typical packaging applications include: wheels, pumps, motors, gear wheels, drives, light and heavy spare parts of all types, as well as sensitive instrument components from the entire field of process control and measurement technology.



Large packaging volumes, products with different heights and weights.



Automatic packing with no defined order.



  • constant packing speed
  • precise calculation of process
  • reducing the number of packaging types to several sizes




Vltavínová 1334/3

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