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Integrated system managment policy

For our succes it is necessary our customer has to recognize our company and products pursuant to the quality. To our customers we guarrantee for reliable deliveries of high-quality products and services to satisfy their demands. Thereby they are able to ensure a longterm prosperity and market growth. All the time we have been cognized needs of our clients and hereby we innovate our products and services.


Our clients are the centre of everything what we do.

Our future they are our employees and customers. As a company we drive for achievement of a maximum effort of our employees hence we will try to satisfy their needs in superstandard volume if economic situation alow. Each employee and each suplier has to work as a member of one team and has to be in charge of the quality of his work to the managment of this company and to his colleagues. Each our operation has to be well-advised, simple, nevertheless suitable, effective and functional.


Long term perspective is very important for our succeed. According to the current results and aims observance we will decide about the long term investments. We have taken under responsibility to become competent protectors of company IRE-TEX PRAHA, s.r.o. property. Each employees has responsibility for it´s support and protection. To our society where we work and live we are responsible for living enviroment and also for picture of our company which we create by our work. We have to last on things in which we believe and do what we say. Perfection it means to fill all tasks in highest reliability.


We are proud of our work at what we respect corporate property, progressive customer expectation and effort of sequential improvment in all what we do – including of thinking, daily working, each product and rendered services. We will leed our company to a permanent prosperity, to continually improving of professional qualification and quality, what will be able to satisfy our clients and at the same time will be resistant to a market swing.


We have decided to follow demands of Electrotechnic industry codex and we oblige to fill them.

To complete the adopted policy we commit ourselves to continuous effectiveness perfection of the quality management system. For this purpose we proselytize our emploees and supliers participation and effort, develop their potencies and facilities and by self involvement and lasting activity we set an example for them.


Quality is no possibility or luxury. Quality is responsibility of each of us.


We are fully conscious of adverse effect possibility upon a living enviroment by our activities. That is why we attend thoroughly to the enviroment and to the adverse effect minimisation at all our activities and at using of our products. We obligate to follow the way of living enviroment protection and creation and of safety and health protection amelioration and we indorse ourselves to the responsibility fot it. We have carried out preliminary enviromental revision and determinated the enviromental management system range. We have carried out danger and risk analysis to find out current company position in consideration of enviromental aspects and their relevant impacts, of dangers and risks to safety and health protection at work and of legal regulations demands and of others enviromental regulations. We believe that observance of rules is basis for continuous improvement of environmental protection. We covenant to continuous improvement of environmental and pollution prevention management system.


  • We will always further environmental needs for all our activities including their monitoring and evaluation to reach permanent reduction of adverse effect of our environment influencing activities.
  • We will reduce fuel consumption.
  • We will make conditions for minimizing of possible future effect of our activities by system precautions introduction.
  • We ensure natural resources protection – especially in chemicals consumption area.
  • In waste management we will insist on waste occurance prevention, minimizing of hazardous waste rise, waste sorting and its secondary utilization, on principles of sorted waste treatment.
  • We are comitted to continously improved the safety management system and health protection at work.
  • We covenant to permanent improvement of safety and health protection management system.
  • Whithin the safety and health protection management system we have determinated roles, responsibilities and competences so that the responsibility for safety and health protection at work was an integral part of total sales executive responsibility at all control levels.
  • We will treat unreservedly with emploees, state administration bodies, lobbies and public and we will provide them information to understand the policy, adopted aims and results of programms implementation in the sphere of safety and health protection at work.
  • We focus on prevention and reducing of work injuries, vocational diseases and breakdowns.
  • System of education and trainings we utilize for consciousness escalation and raising their knowledges of safety and health protection at work with emphasis on risks reducing.
  • Work accident rate problems we take in as a criteria for corporation culture evaluation of purpose to achieve that each emploee feel his responsibility for prevention of work injuries, vocational diseases and other emergencies.


Integrated system managment policy we will introduce to all persons working for or on behalf of our company and to all persons moving with our awareness in premises of our company. This policy we will assert in our supliers of products, services and external sources. This policy we will communicate in the appropriate manner to public, state administration bodies and clients.


Quality, living enviromental treatment and safety and health protection at work is a priority for everything what we do.



Pilsen, February 11th, 2020


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